Search Engine Specifics

The table specify different search engine partnership:

Search Engines / Metacrawlers
AltaVista Uses LookSmart and the Open Directory Project. They are also taking their "Sponsor Listings" from Overture.
AOL Netfind Uses Inktomi for US & Canada and Uses Lycos for Europe & ODP
Ask Jeeves Building own index, search results are then manipulated by Direct Hit with meta data from Alta, Excite, WebCrawler, and (now owns AskJeeves)
Direct Hit Using own database with supplemental results from ODP, and AskJeeves. Influences searches on HotBot, AskJeeves, iWon, ZDNET, and MSN.
Excite Uses listing form Looksmart directory.
Fast ( Feeds Lycos.
Go2Net Formerly called Metacrawler uses a variety of search engines including (Alta, DirectHit, Excite, Google, Overture, Infoseek, Lycos, Looksmart, WebCrawler, and the only Meta search to use Thunderstone.
Google Helps Netscape Netcenter, gets from ODP, and feeds non-directory results for Yahoo
HotBot Uses ODP Primary results from Inktomi, ODP Directory, with results manipulated by Direct Hit
InfoSeek Helps and is now the major engine behind Has own directory.
Iwon Gets from Inktomi with directory listings by Looksmart, and the whole thing manipulated by Direct Hit.
Inktomi Helps Hotbot, iWon, AOL search, Snap,, Looksmart, MSN Search and Overture. Also has dozens of customers in Europe and the Far East.
Magellan Uses WebCrawler
Netscape Search Uses, Google, ODP,
Northern Light Doesn't use other engine result. This is the second biggest index, covering 39% of the web.
Webcrawler It is a part of Excite Gets from Infoseek
Directory Search Engines
Yahoo Uses Google for non-directory matches
Open Directory Project Feeds Netscape Search, Alta, Hotbot, Lycos, Direct Hit, and thousands of smaller sites.
LookSmart Gets Search results from Inktomi and serves AltaVista directory, Excite, Iwon, and Search.msn.
NBCi (Snap) NBCi, formerly known as Snap,uses search result from Inktomi. But now relies on results from (
Lycos Now uses ODP Directory and Fast (AllTheWeb) search results.
Search MSN Directory results from LookSmart. Results from Inktomi and Direct Hit.
Pay Per Click Search Engines
FindWhat Because of new agreement listings will appear in and search results ( Gets from Inktomi for non-paid results.



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