Designing Tips

There might be several reason that your web site is not been indexed by the search engine. One of the reason could be incorrect web designing. Their are lot of things to consider before designing a spider friendly page. We will discuss it one by one:

1) Your web site URLs are embedded in JavaScript.

This is the most common reason why your web sites are not indexed by the search engines. If your web site URLs are embedded in JavaScript, most of the search engines will not recognize and index these pages. If you're serious about getting your web sites to be indexed by the search engines and get a good position on the MAJOR search engines such as AltaVista, Lycos, Go Network, Excite, Yahoo and many others, please consider changing your web site style, either by putting your links in simple html format or making alternative links at the bottom of your page just for the search engines.

2) There are no or little content on your web pages

If your web site was designed for "Nice looking" which means that contains only the Image, Flash, Java, Image map etc., and there is no actual text information (or just little text) on your web pages, your web pages will be ignored by the search engines because search engines will index the web sites, which contain valuable information. Please put any real useful information in text format to your web pages.

3) Your Pages Are not Cross-Linked

Not all search engine spiders visit your website from your main index page (index.html). If you have not linked each of your pages with all your other pages, you stand the risk of having engines indexing only one or two of your pages. Just add text links at the bottom of your pages to all your other pages.

4) Your web site is a Frame style

Most major search engines do not support Frame style of the web sites. If you wish your web sites to be indexed by the search engines and get good results, please consider changing your web sites to a non-frame style. The other way out is to publish your site as it should be if "frames" are incorporated. Construct it so the visitor has a choice between "using Frames" and "no Frames". Because the pages then have to contain normal hyperlinks, the search engine robots will be happy too.

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5) Using the correct html Tags

<META name="description" content="put a short description here">
<META name="keywords" content="put your keywords here">

Put your contents here ....


Some search engines such as AltaVista and Google completely ignoring websites that have invalid html tag sequences. Also, please make sure you use the close tags correctly. For e.g. <font> requires that you have </font>, <table> requires a </table>. Your browser may display it correctly, but if you want the page to be indexed, check your codes and put them in order.

6) Do not use any Virtual Domain Redirection Service

If you are using an Internet Redirection Service to make it easy for people to remember your website address, please do not use the Redirection web site address for your submission, use your real web site URL to submit to the search engines.

7) Using normal .html (or .htm) file format

If the contents of your web pages are generated at real time by using a script such as .cgi, .asp etc. rather than a normal .html (or .htm) file, you are taking the risk that your web sites may be ignored by the search engines, because search engines want to index the web pages where they knew what the information is.

8) Meta Refresh and Meta Robots Tags

Check your codes for the following tags between the <head> and </head>.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL=">

This tag redirects your page to another web site. If you have this tag in your code, the robots will usually completely ignore your website altogether.

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">

This tag specifically directs robots to ignore that web page. If you have it in your code, remove it immediately. You can use it on pages you do not want search engines to index.

9) Are You Using Free Website Hosting?

Many free website hosts use various methods of enforcing their advertising banners on your website. This sometimes causes wrong and/or incomplete indexing of your website. If you have repeatedly had trouble with getting your free website indexed, switch to a pay web hosting provider.



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