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15 Best SEO Podcasts to Know the Latest Algorithm Updates

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Podcasts are an easy way to make people learn something new. In this era, the existence of podcasts has increased and most people already know about this current technology. There are a lot of topics, especially about SEO, so what are the best SEO podcasts that you can listen to?

The Definition of Podcast

The first thing that you need to know in this article is the definition of a podcast itself. A podcast is a digital audio file that may be downloaded to a computer or mobile device over the internet. These files are frequently offered in series, with fresh releases being automatically delivered to subscribers.

Meanwhile, the meaning of podcast in SEO is your strategies on your content, keywords, ways to approach them, and also taking advantage of essential growth prospects. Moreover, you need to know the tips, so the podcast can be optimized. In addition, it also can contribute to brand Google ranking authority.

There are some tips to make your own SEO podcast become more optimized. With those tips, you can optimize its ranking to be higher in search engine results, so that the required audience grows as you wish. Not only increasing podcast listeners but also increasing visitor traffic to the website.

The Definition of SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the technique used to improve content relevancy, technical setup and also link popularity so that it can be more easily found, and more relevant to user search queries, more popular with users. As a result, it will become more popular with search engines.

SEO is very important for digital marketing. As we know that nowadays, people can be separated by the name of technology. Due to the fact that people do billions of searches annually, many of which are done with a commercial intent to learn more about services and products.

From that statement, we can conclude that SEO is a complete marketing ecology. When you know what your website audience desires, you can utilize that information to improve your campaigns (paid and organic), website, social media presence, and many more to help your website become popular.

The SEO Tips for Podcasts

As discussed before, there are some tips to help you in optimizing your podcast for SEO. To give you more information in detail about it, you need to know the explanation in depth. Here are some explanations from about the tips as follows:

1. Choose Keywords for Each Episode of The Podcast

The first tip may be difficult for every content creator. For podcast SEO, using the proper keywords is crucial. Keywords inform Google that the episode is pertinent to a user’s search, increasing the likelihood that it will be displayed in results, so your podcast appears first as a recommendation.

Therefore, as a content creator, you need to keep up to date about the current topic that happens around, so that it will be easier to make a connection with them. To make sure your chosen keyword appears on the audience’s recommendation, you need to try Google Ads Keyword Planner or another tool.

2. You Should Use Keywords in Every Episode

The next best SEO podcast is the use of keywords in every episode. Since Google now includes audio content in its indexing process, podcasts can now be found in search results. Episodes may appear, not only when users specifically search for podcasts, which is a tremendous potential for you.

Besides that, you also need to ensure your audience is the target of the podcast’s keyword they are looking for in your episode. The trick is to naturally include keywords that have been obtained from research results in your script. This is a very powerful SEO strategy to help optimize your podcast.

3. Each Episode of The Podcast Should Have Written Content

Another tip for enhancing your podcast is to include written content for each episode. Here, you need the help of Google as a search engine. These tools quickly determine whether your material is relevant by scanning written text. Therefore, it increases the probability that an episode will rank in search results.

Every episode needs to have its own page, complete with text outlining the show’s context and content. Additionally, offering extra keyword chances. This also allows you to give rank in each episode in order of queries pertaining to that particular topic. More ranks equate to increased traffic, listenership, and fan loyalty.

4. Place Your Keywords Appropriately

The next tip is about the place of your keyword. It is a significant aspect of the textual pieces supplied with each episode. In the eyes of search engines, not all elements of your website can be created equally. Priority is given to these items when Google first examines key areas of pages and also posts.

There are several places that you need to include your podcast’s keyword, such as the post’s heading, the podcast episode’s title, subheading, the article’s URL, names of image files, ALT attributes for images, the content on the page’s top and bottom, also scattered naturally across the text on the page.

The Recommendations of Best SEO Podcasts

There are so many recommendations that you can get for SEO podcasts through the internet. To make sure you choose the best platform, you should know the kind of it. For more information and explanations, here are some recommendations about it, there are:

1. Authority Hacker Podcast

The first recommendation for the best SEO podcast is Authority Hacker Podcast. This podcast is hosted by SEO specialists Mike Webster and Gael Breton. It covers quite a lot of topics that you can listen to in one podcast, such as digital marketing, content marketing, and also SEO.

It may be very difficult for you to understand so many topics with heavy language. However, you don’t need to worry if you listen to this podcast, because everything is packaged in a very casual discussion with easy-to-understand language. The listener will quickly understand the information conveyed.

2. SEO 101a

For those who have a hectic day and could not spend time to rest except for the weekend, this podcast is for you. SEO 101 is hosted by John Carcutt and Ross Dunn every two weeks at WebmasterRadio.FM. Their podcast series attempts to provide listeners with all the information they need.

Besides that, the best things are that they maintain simple and uncomplicated content, making it a great SEO podcast even for beginners. On their podcasts, the hosts frequently talk to leaders in the field and address listener queries. There are currently more than 300 episodes of this podcast series.

3. Search Engine Nerds

For those who like to listen to podcasts with more than one speaker, it will be very suitable if you listen to podcasts from Search Engine Nerds. This podcast will come every two weeks to accompany you and help you gain more insights about search engine optimization.

In addition, this podcast also invites experts who can give you an insight into SEO as well as other skills that must be mastered if you want to enter this field. Besides that, this podcast is also one of the best SEO podcasts, so you can be sure that the information you get is very accurate and can be applied.

4. Edge of The Web

Another best SEO podcast is Edge of the Web. This podcast is hosted by an SEO expert, Erin Sparks. He uses a podcast format by involving two people in an interview by inviting guests who are certainly well-known people to help provide more complete information to his listeners.

The topic is not only about SEO, but also helps you find out various information related to digital marketing. This podcast has over 300 episodes and is still ongoing today. This gives the listener the flexibility to choose a topic that suits their needs. Besides that, the information you get is so accurate.

5. Marketing School

For those who have a pretty hectic daily job and don’t have enough time to listen to a podcast, then a marketing school can be used as a powerful alternative for that because this podcast only needs to be listened to for 10 minutes every day with a variety of new knowledge and insights that you can learn.

In their daily, bite-sized digital marketing podcast, Eric Siud and Neil Patel discuss everything about SEO. You will get the appropriate advice from this podcast on how to advance your blog, business, or organization. This program is all actionable marketing information that you can use to achieve the greatest SEO.

6. Paying off with content marketing

The next best SEO podcast is to cash in on Content Marketing. This podcast provides several episodes with different topics to provide new insights to its loyal listeners. In addition, to ensure the delivery of accurate information, this podcast also invites experts in their fields.

The duration required by this podcast in each episode is about 30 minutes. These experts will later assist you in providing the best suggestion to prove the ROI of your marketing work’s content so that the information obtained is more accurate. Please note that this podcast episode is released once a week.

7. Search on Tap

The next is Search on Tap. You should know about this podcast to make sure you are gaining information about SEO. This podcast has a much more engaging approach than the others on. This podcast is carried out by Stephan Bajaio, Ralph Durso, and also Pat Reinhart, as content creators, you must be familiar with them.

They are experts in their field who will assist you in understanding various things about content marketing, SEO, and many others. In addition, the format of the event is very simple, so you can listen to it while relaxing after doing various daily activities and of course still be informative.

8. Entrepreneurs GSD

If you like to listen to a conversation that is carried out in two directions then it will be very suitable for you to choose this Entrepreneurs GSD podcast. Listen in as hosts Sheena White and Mike Kawula do a great job interviewing guests who offer advice on what’s hot in business and marketing right now.

Along with SEO, other marketing issues are covered, such as content marketing and other methods of boosting traffic and sales. This podcast is among the finest for SEO because SEO-related subjects come up frequently enough. This will make your knowledge increase day by day about SEO.

9. SEO Podcast Unknown Internet Marketing Techniques

SEO podcast unknown secrets of internet marketing can be your alternative in gaining more information about search engine optimization. You should know that Chris Burres and Matt Bertram become the host in this SEO podcast. They evaluate one of their most recent SEO blog pieces and give their thoughts.

Besides that, this differs somewhat from the interview-based structure that the majority of SEO podcasts use. They also provide space for listeners to ask questions in every episode and will be answered when the latest episode is released. Then, the discussion will be carried out in more detail and accurately.

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10. Marketing Speak

The next recommendation is Marketing Speak. This includes in-depth interviews with authorities in digital marketing conducted on this podcast by SEO specialist and author Stephan Spencer. The typical length of every episode is one hour, and it offers insightful insights into issues like SEO.

Besides that, it also has branding and other growth strategies. Although this podcast is classified here for beginners, its format is actually rather adaptable to any level of knowledge. So, you can listen to the podcast to gain more of your skills or to gain visitors to your website by choosing the best SEO.

Those are the best SEO podcasts from search engine tutorial that you should know to gain more information about search engine algorithms. To make your website exist around people, you need to have a new strategy that can be used accurately. Not only that, but SEO also helps you gain more audiences to your website.



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