Nowadays, the existence of mobile phones is increasing. People can be inseparable from this device, especially in this pandemic era. All people’s needs could be fulfilled through their mobile devices. Therefore, this opportunity must be used properly through many sources that discuss SEO for Apps.

The Definition of Applications or Apps

Applications are pieces of software that combine specific functionality in a way that users may access them. Android app stores and The App Store each contain millions of applications. which offer app services. Apps themselves are the foundation of the mobile economy.

App has become the main way users enter the smartphone or revolution of a smartphone. Additionally, the program has assisted in the development of several mega dollar companies. For instance, mobile games bring in over $billion yearly, and social networking businesses like FB see a significant increase in revenue per quarter with the help of its app.

Advertisers are directly impacted by this sharp rise in popularity. Because of its extensive use, businesses must embrace mobile as their main advertising medium more than before. In addition, mobile apps are useful due to their adaptability, which can greatly improve people’s lives in terms of ease.

Reason Why You Need SEO for Apps in Mobile

Maybe some of you are still confused about why SEO for applications is needed. Especially in this era, the use of mobile devices is becoming increasingly widespread among people. Thus, the competition between applications in this device is getting tougher. Here are some reasons you should know!

1. Have the Ability to Grow Your Organic Installations

The first thing you should think about might be to expand your reach in advertising. Advertising is an important tool to help you reach your customers faster with more engaging media. Although there will be more costs that you have to spend to provide these ads.

However, you do not need to worry about it now, because there is a potential that if SEO and app store optimization are taken good care of, your business can avoid losing substantial sums of money and, as a result, develop earnings through organic installation.

2. Probability of Showing Up in App Packs

The bundle of apps that display just on the smartphone page of search results that Google promotes to consumers are known as “app packs.” With the correct app SEO and search engine optimization, app developers can improve their app installs by taking advantage of this sector.

App developers may ensure that Google recommends its applications to users looking for applications that really can meet their needs. The application pack is indeed the collection of applications that show up right away when people conduct web searches for particular words. If these two things are not optimized, it will have an impact on your app ranking down.

3. Increasing the Google Reach of Your Brand

Google plays a big role in the digital world today. This is because there are so many sources that can be obtained through the platform which is certainly very helpful for the community in meeting their daily needs. Moreover, Google is closely related to search engines.

This can be found in several aspects, where the existence of Google is very attached to certain smartphones and even has been set before you use it. The most crucial area where you must assure the company is Google. One of its best methods to establish authority is to appear in Search engine results.

4. Increased Potential for Profit

You can connect with more targeted clients as your app is becoming more widely known. As a result, your revenue will arise spontaneously. When it comes to advertising, a substantial sum of money is wasted to acquire some attention with a high likelihood of failure.

When it comes to stabilizing and increasing revenue, SEO methods might be highly promising. To maintain relevance in the app market through app designs, it’s not enough to master your graphic phone app style. Assume for a second that despite your best efforts to attract clients, they are turned off by the way your app looks.

5. Increased Consumer Interest in Your App

Optimizing the search engine for your Apps, it will allow you to gain more of the audience’s interest. Besides that, you can also increase the ranking of the application in the application store so that it is higher. Therefore, you need to make appropriate keywords users often search for.

Knowing the most suitable and highly searched keywords will help users find and download your application. Therefore, in this case, you will need a special strategy to achieve the desired target, especially if you want the application to enter the first recommendation on a user’s search engine.

App Optimization to Focus on

There are so many things that you need to focus on while optimizing the SEO for apps. Those are going to help you in launching various things that will be needed in the process. Another goal is to avoid any discrepancies that might arise while you’re setting them up. Therefore, take a look at the explanation below!

1. A Meta Name

The first thing you need to pay attention to is related to the Meta Name or often known as the meta title. You should pay attention that long titles will be automatically truncated by Search Engine Result Pages. You need to make the title short, attractive, and easy for users to remember.

It is also able to give you the advantage of increasing visitor traffic every day. In addition, you also need to add the main keywords that match the application. Apps with keywords can rank higher than apps without keywords because they help make it easier for users.

2. Reviews and Ratings for Apps

Reviews and ratings for apps are very important for you in optimizing the application in Search Engine Results Pages. With so many good reviews given by users, it will certainly make the existence of your application grow. Moreover, if the rating is perfect, there will be no doubts that will arise in future users.

From reviews and ratings that the user gave to your application, you can easily increase the credibility of the brand. Moreover, getting quality validation from your app helps you make your users feel comfortable. Therefore, you need to prepare an important strategy to support this later.

3. Description in Meta

Next is related to the Meta description. Here, you are helped to invite the target participants to take action. Thus, you need a Meta description packaged in simple language, write down your unique benefits, and provide insight to users who want to download the application you have created.

Don’t forget to always add the main keyword into this Meta description so that later users can understand the usefulness of the application itself. In addition, you also need to update it every time you will update your product page. So, each keyword and description must be adjusted so that it is still sustainable.

4. Optimization of App Icons

Next has to do with optimizing icons for the app you’re building. Make sure that you follow the requirements of the App Store and Google Play to define the ideal standard icon geometry, colour, and size of an application so that it can later be adjusted on the mobile device that is being used by the user.

This has a big impact on users if these conditions are not suitable, of course, it will be very difficult for users to install. In addition, it will be very difficult to place your app in the top recommendations in search engines, so it will not rank the way you want it to later.

5. Images on the Screen and Trailers

Images on the screen and trailers help you to give the user an overview of the application they will download. Especially in this digital era, providing information can not only be done through text. You can create various media such as images, videos, and audio to help support this and also suit the product.

By providing different media to help bring the text to life and allow your customers to see the entire app before downloading. This will easily attract the attention and interest of users to your application because it looks more attractive and modern in conveying information about the application.

6. Areas for App Keywords

As explained in the point about the reasons why you need SEO for applications, there are several things to pay attention to, namely related to keywords. If you have set the main keyword in the title and product description, of course, the target audience will understand the usefulness of the application itself.

This method is useful for you to optimize the application page by using the right and accurate keywords. With keywords that are relevant to what users are looking for, of course, it can easily attract users to download the application. Remember the ranking algorithms recognize both your keyword usage and your customer conversion.

SEO for Apps’ Strategy

Besides knowing the reason and also all aspects to help you in optimizing the SEO for apps, you also need some strategies to make it come true. There are several things you need to consider from it. To get to know more about the strategies, here are the explanations for them!

1. Blog Content

Usually, SEO is closely related to writing that will help users to find the right keywords according to their wishes. In addition, the writing can take the form of a blog to help increase traffic to the website and authority over time.

To be able to optimize it properly, then you need to minimize the use of blog pages to maximize increasing visitor traffic. Furthermore, add some supporting media so that users feel more comfortable. Therefore, you need to optimize the keyword in the webpage.

2. Link Building

Another strategy that can help you in optimizing an SEO for an application is linking building. This can help you make the app have an increased ranking on websites and apps from time to time and make it popular among internet users. The trick is to create links that are short and easy for users to remember.

Building those links involves creating high-quality links from other websites to yours via directories, infographics, guest blogs, and much more so that they are easily accessible to users. Moreover, don’t forget to put the keyword on the link so that it will be easier for Search Engines in considering your apps.

3. Do Keyword Research

Doing research related to keywords will help you in optimizing SEO for the application. This is because keywords are the basic things that must be in SEO. Thus, you need to determine the right keywords to ensure the success of the application that has been made.

By doing research, you can sort out the keywords that match and are often searched for by users. With these keywords, your site will be helped to get higher visibility on search engine pages which will later help in increasing the traffic of your website as well as your application.

4. Have Website

The next strategy is by having a website. Many applications are wasting a wonderful opportunity by failing to utilize mobile or desktop websites. Google searches are a common way for consumers to learn about apps, so your company must give customers the option of exploring a website as well.

Additionally, many users, including those who are already familiar with an application, will also want to discover all about it from the website, for instance: a social campaign. The website serves as both a company logo and a marketer. Losing potential consumers by not providing one of these is irreversible.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things that you need to consider in optimizing the SEO for apps. The more competition you have to face, it will be increasingly difficult for you to favor your application so that it becomes the first recommendation in search engines that users are looking for.



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