SEO Secrets

10 SEO Secrets That Need to Be Revealed

SEO Secrets

SEO is a field that is in great demand by the public. Especially in the digital era like today, where human life cannot be separated from technology. You need to make good use of this opportunity. The trick is to know the SEO secrets that many people do not know so that they take the right steps.

Types of SEO

Before discussing further about the SEO secrets itself, you should know clearly and in detail about several types of SEO. The goal is to provide a broad understanding so that there are no mistakes when you go directly to the field. Here are the complete explanations about the types of SEO!

1. Off-page SEO

The first type of SEO that you need to know is off-page SEO. You can find the information everywhere. Having links to your website demonstrates to Google the importance of your content and the authority of your website. Another off-page indication that has a significant impact on SEO is social media.

Additionally, having material that receives a large amount of traffic from social media might benefit site SEO. There is a lot of social media you can use, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In contrast to on-page SEO, off-page Search engine optimization concentrates more on the total internet visibility.

2. YouTube SEO

YouTube is a well-known platform that many people use today. It becomes a big opportunity for you to know the strategy of this platform’s SEO. There are several ways that you need to do it. If the video looks excellent, it will draw more views, comments, and subscribers while also extending user engagement.

Similar to your title tag and introduction on word-based sites, your video’s description and title should be descriptive. Longer, topic descriptions that don’t use keyword stuffing will make it easier for Google to understand your content and give it to the user’s recommendation. These are all YouTube rank signals.

3. On-page SEO

The next type of SEO is On-Page SEO. High-quality, useful content is the foundation of SEO. The knowledge you’re disseminating must be 10 times superior to many other contents available. Although keywords are crucial, many other elements affect how well a website ranks so you need to pay attention to it.

The keywords should appear in the URL, opening paragraph, title and many more. Additionally, you need the keywords to focus on a particular, distinct subject. Another crucial aspect of a website is how user-friendly it is to explore. This optimization places a lot of emphasis here on a person that you’re attempting to draw in.

4. Technical SEO

Which has to deal with stuff that happens behind scenes, technical SEO is tied to an element. For instance, search engines might favour websites with responsive designs that adapt well to mobile devices. Another crucial element is page performance; if the page is loaded poorly, you risk losing users.

You will be almost there if your website loads quickly and is simple to use by the visitors. You must ensure that it is simple for Google’s crawler to navigate as well. Similar guiding principles that apply to on-page SEO also apply to technical SEO: a great audience experience must be offered.

5. App Store Optimization or ASO

In this digital era, there are a lot of applications that are being used by people on their smartphones. Each application has its function to help everyone fulfil their needs. Along with the development of the times, Google is no longer one of the search engines that are often used by the public.

One of the most widely used search engines today is the Google Play Store and the App Store. On-page SEO and ASO are extremely comparable. The app’s symbol and title will be the first 2 factors users will notice, so both need to be appealing and descriptive. The caption must be precise and contain both the keywords that your visitors are most likely to look for and related terms.

6. Local SEO

Although now everything can be done online through various digital tools, there may still be many businesses that have a business with a physical location. Of course, this requires an extra strategy to inform customers about the location, so that their business can continue to grow.

Therefore, you need a local SEO. Here, you need to write down the location of the business in detail via Google Maps. Include a variety of important information, regarding address, name, phone number, reviews, opening hours, and other information to provide clearer information in search results later.

SEO Secrets You Should Know

There are several SEO secrets that you need to consider. These secrets can help you in putting every strategy you need and also make your job become more on point. Besides that, you need those secrets to avoid something that might happen in the future. To know more about it, read the explanations below!

1. Make material for those who can link to it

It can be difficult to provide material that is acceptable for earning links from respectable websites. The reliability of the linked source accounts for 24 per cent of the ranking formula Google utilizes. The great news is that those websites likely require reliable citations and sources on which to build their arguments and material.

These links provide visitors to your website, and yet SEOs also take note of them because they deem your material to be “worth of links.” There are several ways you need to do this, such as planning the website you want to get links to, creating a list of topics that are useful to users, creating high-quality content, and finally the outreach process.

2. Employ LSI keywords

LSI is the abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing. It has a semantic connection to the main keyword. This included keywords that are semantically identical with the primary you’re employing and additional keywords that seem to be likely to appear together since they belong to the same specific topic as the main keyword.

It seems that Google now places more emphasis on finding keywords of LSI than on measuring the magnitude of your selected keyword. As a result, we can conclude that the LSI keyword is crucial for your website’s rating. Therefore, this aspect must be utilized as best as possible.

3. Create content that is optimized for Google’s top 3 ranking factors

The top three ranking factors in this case are content, Rankbrain, and also links. Each of these factors has an important role in helping you optimize content that will later be uploaded to a website. Maybe you already understand the links and content clearly, and what is Rankbrain itself?

Rankbrain is Google’s device AI system that it employs to select the web pages that perfectly match the search. When you create content, it is hoped that you will be able to write it in the spoken daily communication, so the readers can understand the whole content. Therefore, you can assume that the content can reach your readers and is also well optimized for Rankbrain.

4. Featured Snippets

The next secret is featured snippets. Many SEO specialists and website owners hold the opinion that the response to the query is displayed right away on the screen. Besides, consumers are much more interested in reading it and refrain from clicking on the site. It is helpful for you to gain more audiences.

Furthermore, experience suggests that obtaining highlighted snippets considerably increases the traffic to the website. There are several things to do, such as making sure to choose questions with complex and long answers, paying attention to pages and topics that are currently popular, and many others.

5. Revise older posts

Every unit of content has the same phases: crawling, ranking race, traffic growth, traffic decline, and, finally, Google death. To be eligible to reintroduce your content to a ranking race, it must be updated. Moreover, users certainly want to know the latest information that can assist them.

Firstly, you need to evaluate and examine every piece of content that is irrelevant to the reader. Secondly, add a different marker from the previous content to notify that the content is new. Last but not least, conduct rigorous research to update the information so that it reflects current developments.

6. Adapt to voice search

The next secret is by adapting to voice search. Search engines that use voice are already in great demand by users. This is due to the easy access they can get to find the information they need. In addition, the search also does not take long, because they do not need to type certain keywords in the search field.

In this case, you need to take the opportunity to increase the ranking of your content on Google. That way, your content can adapt well, so users don’t find it difficult when searching. Optimize voice search for easier access. Besides, voice search is available on various types of mobile devices.

7. Utilize modern SEO tools

Modern tools of SEO also play an important role in helping you optimize search engines on content. Over time, there will be various kinds of tools that you can use. In addition, you need to stay up to date on this, because the impact will be quite large on your website later.

You need to know that an SEO specialist is just as good as their equipment. If you underestimate this, of course the development of your website will likely shrink and stop in place. No more content updates that are frequently visited by users, because your content is far from recommended.

8. Satisfy Customer Expectations

Getting customer satisfaction from the content you create is the top priority in optimizing SEO. There are several things to note in this regard. Where you will create content that is intended to satisfy the curiosity of users but not according to their wishes directly, so your content fails.

If you can’t fulfil the user’s intent, it will be very difficult to get the desired reaction from the user. Of course, these mistakes must be avoided as best as possible by determining topics that are of great interest to users to get feedback from them. Therefore, dedicate yourself to them completely.

9. Insert videos

Adding media like video can help users understand the content perfectly. This media helps users from various backgrounds to understand your content easily. Besides that, video can also break the users’ boredom while reading the content because it has a lot of animations to improve their creative minds.

Placing or selecting videos for your content cannot be done arbitrarily. There are several important steps, namely determining the target market, using modern tools to create videos, setting basic things about video appearance, entering keywords, determining video duration, conducting video testing, provoking comments by asking questions, and improving the platform’s hosting strategy, etc.

10. Use a Visual First Strategy

You must prepare in advance with the aesthetics because a satisfying customer experience depends increasingly on visual brilliance. Additionally, rather than doing it another way around, it might be advantageous to adjust the text to an infographic, graphs, and many other pertinent visuals you’ve chosen.

You might be asking how you can tell if the graphic is pointless or gives the site an outdated appearance. The photo is not integrated into the material and does not add anything if the visitor does not realize the disappearances. To find out if the visual is good, the user can take the time to do an independent inspection.

That is the information related to SEO secrets and some other additional explanations to add to your insight into the digital world and its optimization. Therefore, you need to apply all the strategies you already know to the predetermined targets. Also, do not be afraid to try new things for more experience.



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